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The Nebraska Masonry Alliance is making masonry better in our state. We do this by representing every facet of the masonry industry, and we want to represent you.

Our proud, historic profession faces challenges if we want to remain competitive. There are simply too few qualified and experienced craftspeople to meet the expanding construction demands right now and in the near future. Now is the time to attract, train, and sustain a new generation of workers in the masonry industry.

Equally important are the needs to work with the architectural community to produce innovative and cutting edge design; to improve education and skills development for masons, and to enhance safety training for both masons and the industry as a whole.

Everyone needs to be involved in the effort: block and brick manufacturers, mason contractors, mortar and stone suppliers, material and product vendors, masons and tenders themselves, and everyone else who depends on masonry for their livelihood or as an integral component of quality design work that endures the test of time.

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